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Our site is undergoing maintenance. You can still purchase through our Etsy shop: etsy.com/uk/shop/MyLuxe
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10 ways to use our hammam towels

Everyone loves a multi-tasker and our hammam towels are one of the best!  With a multitude of uses, we bring ours everywhere.  Here are some ideas on how they can be used.

Holiday towel

  Packing for hols is a chore right?  Never enough room for all those holiday outfits so who wants to pack a bulky beach towel!  Our towels pack up really small so they’re perfect for your suitcase and even better if you’re travelling with just hand luggage.  When you get there these fit nicely inside a small handbag or beach bag or you can even wear as a scarf en-route to the beach. 

Even though they’re thin they’re really absorbent and dry quickly so you don’t have that soggy feeling you get when you’re terry towel takes an age to dry after each swim!  They also look great on a sun lounger and we have colours to match all your swimwear 😊

Resort wear

Holiday sarong   Again if you’re packing light our colourful towels can double up as a sarong so you can cover up for lunch without bringing an extra outfit.  They’re thin but large so are really comfortable to wear around the pool while sipping on your sundowner.

Picnic blanket

Picnic blanket  Who doesn’t love a picnic!  Leave more room for prosecco in your picnic basket and pack a hammam towel or 2 to have a colourful festival themed picnic.


Bathroom hammam towel  If you’re used to terry towels in the bathroom, sometimes hammam towels take a little getting used to!  However as they dry so quickly no more soggy towels on the bathroom floor and these also look so much better hung on the back of the door.  We have a special bathroom collection in monochrome shades that will add an extra touch of luxe to your bathroom décor.

Baby blanket

Lightweight summer baby blanket  These are great to keep in the bottom of the pram as a sunshade or light blanket for babies.  We bring ours on holiday for daytime naps as they’re light and airy and don’t take up much room in the baby bag.  They’re also great cover ups for breastfeeding too and get softer with each wash so your baby will love them.

Gym towel

Small gym towel  Our hammam towels are great for the gym, sling them in your gym bag or drape them over the running machine – job done.


Camping towel  Unless you’re driving to an expansive yurt you’ll want to pack light when camping.  These lightweight towels won’t take up much room in your rucksack and you can use as an extra layer for your sleeping bag too.


Yoga towel  Whether it’s yoga on the beach or in the shala use this as your go to towel and to make yourself cosy for savasana.


Sailing towel  Our blue towels have a special nautical feel so these are perfect for all your sailing adventures, especially if storage space is tight in the cabin!  They look great slung over the bow as you sail into port and they’ll also dry off in no time after your snorkelling adventures.


Our hammam towels are the perfect size to use as a throw over an armchair or sofa.  Some of our customers use them to cover their furniture if they have pets as they’re easy to wash and dry quickly but still look great as a cover up.

Chair throw

There you have it, now all you have to do is choose your colour!

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